The Restoration
of All Things

One of the goals of the author is to use the material of this blog as building blocks for a book titled, “The Restoration of All Things.” In this book, the author hopes to share all of the things of the Bible that he has learned throughout his life, schooling, and especially over the last 5 years, since he first went to Israel and began walking in Torah. If any of you would like to support him in this project, you can preorder the book for $20. If you would like to have an honorable mention (including someone you love or who has passed) and special thanks given in the book, you can pay $100. If the author raises $2,000 for the book, he will be able to work on the book immediately and not worry about income loss due to the time it will take him to write. If expedited, he thinks that he can produce the first edition of the book in a month. His plan is to revise the book throughout his life, producing newer editions when he believes he must add some important section or revision to the book. The title of the book comes from Acts 3:20-22, where it’s written, “ and that HE may send Yeshua the Messiah who was ordained for you before, whom heaven must receive until the times of restoration of all things, which G-D has spoken by the mouth of all HIS holy prophets since the world began.” It also is inspired by Matthew 17:11, “Yeshua answered and said to them, “Indeed, Elijah is coming first and will restore all things.”” The author intends to write, in the spirit of Elijah, many of the truths which are being restored now in our times, as preparation and heralding for the complete world restoration and coming of the Messiah. The book will also continue to be a source of support for this blog and the author throughout his life and future work.

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